Maipenrai MC Nomads is a offspring of the mother charter Maipenrai MC Thailand (Est. 2004)!
Maipenrai MC Thailand & Maipenrai MC Nomads are an Independent Motorcycle Club and we claim no territory!
Maipenrai MC Nomads was founded 14th September 2013. We are stationed North-East on the hemisphere and travel around and about in Norway and other countries on different happenings. The mutual thing we have in common is the Brotherhood, rides, bikes & partys - More or less what biker life gives us. 
Maipenrai MC Nomads is a active club with the throttle down and we are often out on the road and on many different bike weeks across the world! 13th January 2017 we did a small upgrade on our beloved beer thirsty dog.
Contact us? Info you will find on the member page.
Currently we are 12 Members and 2 Prospect and still growing.
We support our own only, but stay true to our friends!
See you all out there again, Somewhere - Sometime.



new logo 2017


Best Regards,

Maipenrai MC Nomads Crew